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why best and local?

Don't see a local business on here, please refer them.

Are you tired of the same old type of advertising? We invite you to participate in a style of marketing that makes a difference by contributing to local neighborhoods through educating and informing the public on important issues, and other types of positive promotion.  Here at Best And Local we pride ourselves at being the only company of its type.

Best And Local is more than just an online directory. Best And Local is a community marketing company, with a mission to promote local businesses using positive promotion. Best And Local invites businesses to join and help educate, inform, and inspire hope in the community with positive promotion.

Best And Local wants to be an antidote to stagnant advertising, giving life to marketing and enriching lives.   We want to motivate a nation though positive promotion, one city and town at a time, while advertising your products. Yes, we will use positive promotion as a marketing strategy, bringing you customers through positive outreach.   

What Is Positive Promotion?

In the first phase, Best And Local will distribute educational material imprinted with bestandlocal.com, and perhaps a sponsor(s), promoting social and educational issues that benefit our community. For example, handing out anti bullying coloring books for kids or pamphlets for adults about health and other issues. Best And Local will also distribute various types of advertising specialties imprinted with Bestandlocal.com, perhaps a sponsor(s), as gifts, awards, and prizes, when funding permits.

Our goal is to distribute up to 5000 educational products a month.  Perhaps your business can help by giving some of our free items to your customers, promoting both of us.

The second phase, Best And Local will sponsor educational lectures, and fun events like magic shows!  Also, Best And Local will try to incorporate magic, or other forms of entertainment, with any table, event, or expo where Best And Local is promoting and exhibiting at.

The third phase of the Best And Local positive promotion events will include scavenger hunts where people will go into different local businesses to gather items, like advertising specialties. For example, there's a pen that has a pull out scroll that can be  imprinted with a full color message on it, like a map.

Also, still in the planning stages, is the murder mystery shopathon. A better name is coming, but basically it involves contestants/shoppers acting like detectives and going into different businesses looking for clues to a murder. Of course, someone in a business will act at as the "source!" Shoppers will go into a business, told to inspect the business and get information form the "Source!"  Once enough clues are gathered, someone will solve the crime. The events are designed to pull customers out of their homes and into local businesses.

Positive promotion makes a difference while attracting customers. 

Our goals are to have campaigns in your area, on anti bullying, healthy heart, and anti text and driving.  We also want to sponsor positive lectures, magic shows, and many many other fun events.  We do all this to promote your business as part of the Best And Local advertising family. However, this can only be done when local businesses join us, allowing us to bring local businesses customers.

Yes, there are many online directories. Most of them promise higher rankings in search engines. Yes, the bestandlocal.com directory can help with search engines rankings, but Best And Local doesn't stop there.  Our definition of being  Best And Local is making a positive change where you live and work.  Our goal is to have customers already want to do business with you, and where you're located.

Think of www.Bestandlocal.com  like a marketing co op.  Together, we are a community, a neighborhood, and a better America.  We invite you to join us, because your business is an important part of the community .

Our Management Team

Ronnie Joe Miller

Owner and marketing director, he has over 23 years of business development and marketing experience. He has been a manager, sales person, and about every other task in supplying goods and services to customers. He holds a degree from the University of Michigan in accounting but spent most of his career in sales and marketing. He ventured into the internet world in 2003 when he discovered the unlimited potential the web offered. He has found success with over 7 internet companies. He then realized his special skills could be utilized to help other business owners reach their desired customer and sales goals. His new dream is helping businesses find greater online success than he has ever achieved, while also helping cities and towns to show the world what is special about them.

Marta Zimon

Our internet Marketing VP and graphic designer was born and raised in Poland. Unable to speak English, She came to the states with a full Track and Field Scholarship from Milligan College where she earned a degree in graphic design. While competing, she won the 5,000-meter indoor national championship in 2003 and she also competed successfully in cross county as well. One of her first jobs after graduating was working in direct sales where she was recognized with multiple awards for far exceeding her sales goals. She has had an outstanding career in graphic design and internet marketing. She has also been a model and spokesperson for many large companies.

Aleshia Widener

Our executive VP came to us after years of service in various positions for leading companies. She is skilled in all areas of customer relations and organizational operations. She has been a leader in her field for many years and we are lucky to have her as one of our most important employees. Some of her specialties are event organizer and morale managing. No matter what company she was employed with, she always managed to change the organization for the better.

Myra Phipps

Our customer service VP has found tremendous success in many different fields before coming to us. She has worked in the retail and construction industry, as well as being a successful artist. She has also studied personal development, while over coming personal tragedy. Myra's goal with us is bringing likability to our team as we satisfy needs. She understands that that we, as a company, must have our customers feel part of our team. She has demonstrated remarkable talent in bringing out the best in individuals and getting them involved. She has set the direction of our customer service team to inspire our customers and users to help us be a shining example in the community.


Defending the Local

Our mission Protecting local businesses and community! Here are the 5 companies helping us defend the local.